LinkedIn Dark mode – Accessibility🌚🌝

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UPDATE: I made this UI mockup on 31 Aug 2021, and posted it on LinkedIn, five months later I saw it was updated on their latest app. Whether they saw it or not I’m impressed with the move.

This post was made 5 months before the ‘dark mode’ update.

The idea

For some reason, LinkedIn has no dark mode (update, now it has). Something that has become very crucial to Users lately as an accessibility feature, due to eyes straining caused by long hours of using devices especially at night. 

With bigger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp & Youtube embracing dark mode years ago, I don’t know why LinkedIn has lagged. 🤔 Actually… The ‘story’ feature should have accompanied dark mode.

Anyway, as we eagerly wait for the update. I made a clone UI of LinkedIn with dark mode. 🤗