Michael Kitticai

Pronounced as Kee·tee·kai

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Record voice notes on the note app

I think it would be really cool if the note app had a voice note button.

It could be handy if you’re doing an interview and you don’t feel like writing the response. You just record them alongside the questions. 

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CBC education reform has hyper-focused on students without paying much regard to teachers. Every day, teachers are required to fill out ‘assessment books’ for each individual student (remember avg. 40 students per class), after ….

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Buying power tokens is not seamless in as much as it’s done digitally. No Automation. Most of us are familiar with the long process of buying KPLC tokens. You have to physically go to the meter and manually key in units. In an ideal scenario….

Gmail Thumbnail
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So I thought, why not make it on the bottom left side, where it’s easily accessible and visible. And that’s how I came up with this prototype. 

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Until recently, LinkedIn app had no dark mode. Something that has become very crucial to Users lately as an accessibility feature, due to eyes straining caused by long hours of using devices especially at night. 

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A concept of how a reaction button would look like on Twitter.