Frequently Asked Questions

Often time clients send me their design brief with 70% of it describing how the product should look and function. And I tell them what they’re suggesting is UI design and not really UX.

So then, what’s the difference between the two?

“User interface (UI) design is the process designers use to build interfaces in software or computerized devices, focusing on looks or style.”

“User experience (UX) refers to any interaction a user has with a product or service. UX design considers each and every element that shapes this experience, how it makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks.” –

Simply put UI design is everything ‘see’ on a product, that is, the color, shape, object, texture, font, etc. While UX is how the product ‘feels’ when using it, is it easy to use, hard, intuitive, accessible, etc.

See, making a great product is more than just looks. It’s more of how effective will it be to the user. Therefore, the UX process starts before designing anything.

It’s important to note that, before we start working on your product, user research should be done.