Gmail calendar placement


Virtual meetings have become a very important part of our daily work schedule. It’s very common now for someone to send you a google calendar invite as opposed to doing a call through the phone.

However, if you’re like me, accessing my scheduled meeting on my computer (It’s easier on the phone app), I usually go to another calendar page to view all my meetings. I only found out the other day about the top right calendar icon on Gmail.

KPLC App case study

Buying power tokens is not seamless in as much as it’s done digitally.

No Automation. Most of us are familiar with the long process of buying KPLC tokens. You have to physically go to the meter and manually key in units. In an ideal scenario, after buying power, the token units should auto load themselves in the power meter. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the current KPLC app.
No Real-time Status Updates: On the app, there isn’t a way to check how many tokens you’ve used, what your average monthly consumption is, and an estimate of how much you’re charged per token unit.

KPLC questionnaire

In a nutshell, this prototype app is meant for Kenyans to manage their home electricity usage. KPLC being the leading power provider in Kenya, I decided to redesign their current app and give it more functionalities and a modern look and feel.