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Hello there… Kitticai here. 👋🏾

Thank you for sparing your time to test this app interface. In a nutshell, this prototype app is meant for Kenyans to manage their home electricity usage. KPLC being the leading power provider in Kenya, I decided to redesign their current app and give it more functionalities and a modern look and feel. This prototype is NOT commissioned by Kenya Power & Lighting nor is it affiliated with the company. All the design work here, except the KPLC logo, is copyright of Michael Kitticai.


Part of User Experience design is testing the product with the user, after all, the product is meant for the user. That’s why I’m conducting this feedback review from you, the user, to improve the final product and come up with a concrete UX case study. Your task is very simple and it should take less than 15 minutes. All you have to do is:

  • First, watch this demo video.
  • Then, interact with the same prototype provided below by trying all the features in the app. 
  • While using it try to see if this is something you’d use in your normal day-to-day life
  • At the bottom of this page, there’s an easy survey form that’s you’re required to fill based on the experience you’ve had with the prototype.

Since this is still a draft mockup,  some functionalities do not work. These are; typing on text fields, some unclickable buttons, and icons. So don’t fret when you click something and nothing happens. 🙂


Interact with this app prototype by clicking the yellow “Login” button. You can also watch the interaction demo here.

You can also try the app here if you’re having trouble interacting with the app.

Survey Form

Take a few minutes to fill this survey below.

Remember, you’re not required to give the right answer (actually, there’s no right answer) rather, the main goal here is to get your honest feedback from you the user. So don’t feel compelled to give positive feedback or hold back criticism.

If you’re unable to load the survey form click here to be redirected.